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The best accounting software for real estate agents.

Realtyzam is a simple accounting software built exclusively for real estate agents.

If you're looking for something simple to track your expenses and instantly generate the report you need for your taxes, then you'll love Realtyzam.

Do your accounting in less than 10 minutes a month.

Bottom line...Realtyzam is going to save you a ton of time on your accounting.  Most of our users spend less than 10 minutes a month on what used to take them 1-2 hours.

We designed Realtyzam from the ground for real estate agents...and only real estate agents.  We stripped out everything you don't need, and then streamlined everything else to make it easier, faster, and better than anything else out there.

Zero data entry.

Realtyzam's advanced automation eliminates the hardest entry.  You can setup data feeds from over 15,000 banks and credit cards which Realtyzam will use to download all your new transactions every morning and auto-categorize them based on your own custom rules...without you lifting a finger!

Or, if you don't want to setup a bank feed, you can always download your statements from your bank or credit card's website and then upload the files into Realtyzam.  Either way, it will save you a ton of time and hassle.

Zero work at tax time.

You will absolutely love Realtyzam at tax time. No more stressing out at the last minute trying to put everything together. It literally takes 10 seconds to generate the report you need for your quarterly or year-end taxes.

Simply print it out, hand it to your accountant or tax person, and you're done.  It gives them everything they need to do your taxes.

Ditch the shoe box.

With Realtyzam you can upload receipts for any expense using your computer, tablet, or from your phone with our free mobile app.

Realtyzam automatically scans a digital copy of the receipt and links it to the expense.  If you ever need to see the receipt again, just click on the expense and boom...there's your receipt.

Used by agents to track $3.02 billion of income and expenses ...and counting.

Yes, that's a real number that's updated every day.  What makes Realtyzam so popular is how easy it is to use.  Any real estate agent can pick it up and instantly understand's that simple and intuitive.

9 out of 10 users who try it say they like it.  But don't take our word for it, click here to see the last 25 reviews from our users (in real-time).  These are real feedback reviews from real agents like you.

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Guaranteed to save you over $100 on your taxes and you can try it for free.

100% free
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Realtyzam is 100% free to use for 30 days - no credit card required.  Use it as much as you want for free for 30 days.  After 30 days you can select one of our paid plans and pay with a credit card.  If it's not for you then no big don't need to do anything.  Your account will automatically go inactive.

It could be free even after 30 days.  If you're just starting out in real estate or just getting back into it then you'll love this...after the first 30 days Realtyzam is still free to use until you sell 2 properties or log $3,000 of income and expenses.  It's our way of helping you out while you get started.

Realtyzam is tax deductible too.  This means the real cost is actually 15-35% less depending your tax bracket - see the calculations.

Start My Free Trial
100% free
30-day trial
No credit card
Start My Free Trial
Per month
billed annually
$14 per month
billed monthly
cancel at anytime
100% Free Trial

Frequent Questions

Contact us
What banks/credit cards do you support?
There are two different ways you can import your data into Realtyzam.  You can download your data from your bank or credit card's website via a file and then import it into Realtyzam (all banks supported). Or you can link your bank account to Realtyzam and the system will automatically download your new transactions every night (over 15,000 banks supported).
Can I create my own expense categories?
Yes.  You can also create subcategories too.
Does Realtyzam integrate with Quickbooks?
No, Realtyzam replaces Quickbooks.
Can I use Realtyzam for my entire brokerage and is the price the same?
Yes and yes.  The only case where it wouldn't work for an entire brokerage is if you have W2 employees.  Realtyzam does not have the payroll tax functions required for direct employees.
Do I have to pay extra to import transactions from my bank account or credit card?
No.  It's completely free to import your data.
Can I enter data from prior years?
Yes.  We actually encourage it!
What is your customer support phone number?
We're always here to help.  Our customer support is done via email and most questions during normal business hours are answered within 2-3 hours (usually less in most cases).  Actually, our users rave about how great our customer support is.
Do you have an app?
Yes, for Android and Apple.  It's free too.
Are their setup fees or cancellation fees?
No.  There are no hidden or extra fees whatsoever.
Where is your tech support based out of?
All of our tech support is based in the U.S.
How do I get all my data if I stop using the site?
We will happily email you all of your data in an Excel format at no charge.

Real-time feedback from our users.

9 out of 10 users who try Realtyzam say they like it.  Check out the last 25 feedback responses from our users.  These are real and uncensored so they may contain tech support questions, suggestions, etc.  If there isn't a comment then that user did not provide one.

We've also been featured in Inman, REALTOR® Magazine, Breakthrough Broker, and more. Click on the graphics below to read the articles.

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Contact Us

Realtyzam, LLC
11426 Davis Street #1100
Grand Blanc, MI 48480

The Realtyzam Story

Steve Bjorkman - CEO & Founder

Hi, my name is Steve Bjorkman and I am the CEO and founder of Realtyzam.  I've had a lot of people ask me how I came up with the idea for Realtyzam, so I decided to tell the story here.

The idea for Realtyzam came about one day when a user from another site that we had created ( sent us an email explaining how much she loved NotaryGadget and suggested that we create something similar for real estate agents.  I thought...hmmm... interesting idea...maybe I could apply the same concept I used to help notaries track their expenses and save money on their taxes to help real estate agents.  The more I thought about it the more fun it sounded (yeah...this is the kind of stuff that software guys think is fun).  So I did some research and decided to create Realtyzam - officially founded in 2014.

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt that the problem with most software is that it's either too complicated or takes way too long to learn.  I wanted to change that.

So the concept was simple...create an ultra easy-to-use accounting software designed around the way real estate agents need to track their expenses.  I wanted to create something different...something that was so intuitive and so easy to use that any real estate agent could pick it up and instantly know how to use it without any help.  I've always believed that there is a certain beauty in simplicity.

Once we released the first version, we worked hard to gather as much feedback as we could from our users and started making changes and adding new features based on their input.  What you see today is largely the result of our users' feedback and over 10 major releases.  So as much as I would like to say it was all my idea, it really wasn't.  Honestly, most of the credit goes to my staff and all of our users who continue to send us their feedback and suggestions for new features.

And that's the story of how Realtyzam was born.  I truly hope that Realtyzam helps you and you enjoy using it.  There's nothing that makes me more happy than knowing that we created something people love to use.


Steve Bjorkman
CEO & Founder

Bank Level Security.

We take the security of your data and your personal information seriously.  Which is why we employ a number of advanced digital and physical security protocols to make sure your information stays safe and secure.

All data transmissions between our server and your computer, phone, and/or tablet are encrypted with 128 bit SSL/TLS encryption and all account passwords and other sensitive information are 512 bit encrypted before they are stored on our servers.

We are also integrated with a number of leading FinTech companies that specialize in managing bank account and password data used for the (optional) bank linking feature.

Join our referral program.

We are always interested in working with new strategic partners to help us reach more real estate agents. We have a very generous revenue sharing program that makes it worth your while to promote Realtyzam. Fill out the form to the rightbelow and we'll be in touch soon!

Group Pricing

If you're interested in providing Realtyzam as a software tool for your agents, we have group pricing available.  Fill out the form to the rightbelow and we'll be in touch soon!

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